Kalakad is a natural Village.Situated at about 45 Kms South West of TIRUNELVELI at the foothills of The Great Western Ghats. Kalakad is very famous for the LION TAILED MONKEYS, ELEPHANTS and WATER FALLS (Fondly called as Karungal Kasam and Thenga Uruli). It has a big lake called Thamaraikulam (meaning Lotus Pond) which sustains the farming activities throughout the year.

The whole village is surrounded by Paddy and Banana fields with the Western Ghats on the Western Side giving a lively atmosphere for nature loving people.

The village has a very famous Shiva Temple(Lord Sathyavaheeswarar and Smt. Gomathi Ambal) , Vishnu Temple and Krishnan Temple.

Nambi Kovil

On the hills close by stands a small temple dedicated to Lord Nambi called Malai Nambi with a panoramic view of the village below. This hill is called Nambi Malai (Nambi Hill).


Picturesque surroundings with the backdrops of cloud capped spurs of the western ghats lend an unusual charm to the falls. The rapturous scene of the falls gets heightened by the cool breeze that wafts during seasonal months (June to September) along with intermittent drizzle and sunlight. There are eight places where water pours down torrentially with varying velocity and force according to the height of the precipice. They are Main Falls, Five Falls, the Shenbhaga Falls, the Tiger Falls, old Courtallam Falls, Honey Falls, Orchard falls and Sitraruvi. It is an excellent health resort.


This holy place is on the western ghat of Pothigai Hills. It is close to the Papanasam Falls, on the banks of the Thamiraparani river where Siva and Parvathi appeared before the great saint Agasthiya.Hence the falls is popularly called the "Agasthiya Falls". To commemorate the visit of the divine couple, the Agasthiya temple was built there.